Who Am I?
28-Jul-2013|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: Genesis 2:4-25|Series: What Do We Believe?
Who am I? What is life for? How can I be happy? These are some of the most basic questions a human being can ask. Tragically, much of history is filled with people defining themselves in destructive ways, and perpetuating destructive patterns in relationships with others. Naturalistic answers to these questions typically begin with life emerging on Earth by accident and with no purpose. Religious answers to these questions often lead to claims that a privileged few have the r...ight to dominate others for selfish purposes. The "pursuit of happiness" then is elusive. But the Bible's first chapters are wonderfully unique in giving answers to these ultimate questions that promote equality, human dignity, majesty and purpose that leads to freedom, not bondage; not despair or destruction, but life and joy!