Saturday Oct 22, 2016    8:00am
Theology for Breakfast - 8:00a.m. Saturdays

Join us every Saturday for "Theology for Breakfast"!

If you have always wished you knew more about Christian beliefs, this is your chance! Everyone who is interested--men, women, boys, and girls (suggested age of 14 and up), is welcome to attend. This will be a weekly reading as homework, followed by a Saturday morning discussion & explanation led by Pastor Joe. 
Details: 8:00a.m. Saturdays at Ricky's All Day Grill, 2900 Douglas Street. Postponed for Summer vacation. Resuming September 2.

The book you need: You will need a copy of "Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine" by Wayne Grudem. You can order a copy from Christian Book and Music here in Victoria, or you can buy one online. It is available from for $46.49 (see links below) or from Christian Book Distributors for $30.99 (US). Ebook versions are also available for around $30 (US), but you will have to figure that out on your own.
Important notes: If you don't have a copy yet, just come anyway.  If you would like to attend but can't afford the book, just send us an email (here) and let us know. 
Optional links for ordering Systematic Theology